PortraitIt’s not my fault! I’m the product of post war pop culture and pre war PULP culture!

I was born in Detroit Michigan, The Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, The Motor City, Murder City, The birthplace of the Detroit Dinosaur and the Yank Tank.

After graduating with a B.A. in illustration from The Center For Creative Studies I jumped right into a misspent youth in the advertising business. Doing storyboards for car commercials and cut-away airbrush illustrations of auto parts was about as fun as waiting up to see what the milkman brings. It was a good living but it left me a burnt out shell of what used to be a swell guy. The ad business is sweet, like a cookie full of arsenic.

It was time to do my own thing. Inspired by the illustrators of the golden era, I taught myself to paint with oils, something that was not possible in the modern ad business due to short deadlines. I mean how hard could it be right? It’s just a stick with some hair on the end pushing around some colored goo.

The esthetic of the late forties and early fifties have a certain appeal to me. Don’t know why. Why do some men prefer red heads to blondes? Most of my work has that vibe to it. Feels like it’s from another time.

When I approach a painting it is all about the mood, the feel. What is important to me is that the viewer be entertained. No ying yang, mumbo jumbo about the dual nature of man… No flim-flam, psychobabble meanings that nobody really cares about. Oh if you want to get deep, do the colors match your sofa?

I guess I should throw in some bona fides: “Internationally recognized, his work shows in galleries from Los Angels to Melbourne, New York to Tokyo, and has even been used in Hollywood motion pictures. His work has been featured in magazines in France, Italy, Spain and Australia as well as the U.S.”

That sounds pretty slick but I think I prefer something a fellow wrote about my work in an email he sent, “You can almost smell the thirty weight motor oil, gun smoke and cheap perfume!” That just about says it all!